When you join the JellyDAO, you can create proposals and vote on the allocation of JELLY rewards. To be part of the JellyDAO governance, you need to lock veJELLY (vested escrow) to gain voting power.

This diagram shows the veJellynomics as at today, with the inflows/outflows and the function of the JELLY/veJELLY token.

The JellyDAO has the ultimate goal to use the JELLY Rewards pool to drive future growth and yield for all veJELLY holders. This diagram outlines the second part of the tokenomics and utility: where fees and recipes work together with the JellyDAO to build yield for veJELLY holders.

All the Recipes have inbuilt fees, which are collected in the project’s token. This incentivises the Jelly community to create more value in the project token and as we onboard new projects and create new recipes, we start to grow the fee pool in the Treasury. And once fee TVL reaches a significant amount, we’ll start to look at distributing a proportion of the protocol fees from the Treasury to veJELLY holders.

The objective for the JellyDAO is to develop proposals that will incentivise more projects, to direct rewards towards opportunities that amplify theJelly ecosystem.

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