Your Airdrop Claim UI

Your Airdrop UI

Goto your Airdrop UI, it can be found by replacing your own Airdrop Contract Address into the link with the right chain id:


Ethereum mainnet chainId=1

Rinkeby chainId=4

Matic chainId=137

Mumbai chainId=80001

Your Airdrop is probably looking something like this. You can check the eligibility of individual addresses. Try entering a few addresses on your whitelist, and confirm the token amounts match what you set. Once you're ready, the next step is to customize your Airdrop Claim UI

Update Description

Now we're going to add some text to the left side, which you can customize at any time.

Goto to Etherscan and look up your Airdrop Contract Address. Then goto the write mode and setDocument function, then enter: - "description" (must be the word "description", no spaces) - The text you want to display on your UI. e.g. "Some text, you can add any text you like. For new lines use \n\n between text"

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