Snapshot strategy

Prepare ABI code

To get started, in order to add a Snapshot strategy to your Staking Pool, you need to prepare the ABI code.

    "address": "your_staking_pool_address",
    "symbol": "your_staking_pool_symbol",
    "decimals": 18,
    "methodABI": {
        "name": "voterBalance",
        "type": "function",
        "inputs": [ { "name": "account", "type": "address", "internalType": "address" } ], 
        "outputs": [ { "name": "", "type": "uint256", "internalType": "uint256" } ], 
        "stateMutability": "view" 

Replace the values of the following fields:

  • symbol - a symbol that will represent your ve staking pool. e.g. veJELLY

  • address - an address of your Staking Pool

Add strategy

Go to the settings of your snapshot space, click Add strategy, and enter "contract-call" into the search form:

Next, open the contract-call strategy and select the network where your Staking Pool is deployed:

Replace the current code with the ABI code that you have prepared above and save the strategy:

Save the settings on the right side of the settings:

Now you can use this strategy in your snapshot.

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