Add Rewards

Next, you're going to add the tokens to your Airdrop.

Approve Tokens

Goto your token's contract address by looking it up on Etherscan. Then click the Contract tab and Write Contract like so.

Goto the approve function and enter: - your Airdrop contract address as the spender - the tokenAmount from the Merkle Bot as the amount

In this example 1000000000000000000000000 wei is equivalent to 1,000,000 WOBBL tokens with 18 decimals. This amount comes from the Merkle Bot.

Add Rewards

Go to your Airdrop contract (you can look it up on Etherscan), and goto the addRewards function in Write mode on Etherscan. Enter the amount of tokens again (in wei as per the MerkleBot)

The next step is to customize your Airdrop Claim UI

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