Create Staking Pool (No liquidity)

To create a Staking Pool using this option you will need:

  • Staking token (ERC20)

  • 2 ETH fee

Staking Pool Recipe on

Go to the Staking Pool Recipe contract on Etherscan, connect your wallet using the "Connect to Web3" button, and enter the details for the prepareStickyPoolNoLiquidity function:

  • payableAmount - the amount of fee (in ETH)

  • _poolAdmin - an address to be the admin of the Staking Pool (you can use your own address)

  • _stakedToken - an address of the staked token (ERC20)

Once that transaction is complete, click through to see the transaction details.

Then find your Staking Pool Contract by going to the Logs tab, scroll to the bottom where you see StickyPoolDeployed, and copy the address labeled "pool" here in the events.

The next step is to customize your Staking Pool UI.

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