Create a Staking Pool (using ve model)

The Staking Pool is where your users lock their tokens for your ve token model. This recipe is based on the veCRV contracts, with options for users to lock, extend lock, and unstake after the lock period ends. The recipe comes with everything needed to create the Snapshot integration so that your users can vote using the ve token balance.


When you lock your token, your staked token is represented as a veNFT(vote-escrow NFT) with a ve Balance. Ve Balance is the amount of the voting power, the higher the lock duration, the more voting power will be.

Users can lock their tokens for a period of 1 week to 4 years. Their ve Balance depreciates linearly over time.

Staking UI

Jelly provides an out-of-the-box UI for your Staking Pool. An example of a Staking UI where JELLY is staked for veJELLY looks like this. We called ours the Sticky Pool.


The Staking Pool Recipe is currently LIVE on the following networks:

Please get in touch with us on Twitter or Discord if you want to create a Staking Pool on a different network as we are running a waitlist based on suitable projects.


For any support along the way with your Staking Pool, please reach out on our Discord.

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