Create an Airdrop

You can create your own Airdrop using the Jelly Airdrop Recipe. To get started you'll need an ERC-20 token to distribute and a list of accounts to distribute your Airdrop to.

You can create a simple Airdrop or Vested Airdrop which we call an Airdrip, the following instructions outline how to create it and the options you can choose.

Your own Airdrop

Jelly produces the UI and smart contracts out-of-the-box. Your Airdrop will look like this example for the WOBBL token.


Jelly puts 3% of the Airdrop rewards into the JellyDAO Pool. By default, those project tokens are vested for 6 months.

On request by a project, 50% of those project token fees can be utilised as rewards such as Double rewards for Jelly Farmers, we can Stake them with the project's program or bridge, and custom proposals considered.


To get your Airdrop listed so it's discoverable on the Jelly App or to reach out about specific features for your Airdrop, fill out this form:


The Airdrop Recipe is currently LIVE on the following networks:

  • Ethereum mainnet

  • Matic

  • Arbitrum

  • Goerli

  • Mumbai

Please get in touch with us on Twitter or Discord if you want to create your Airdrop on a different network as we are running a waitlist based on suitable projects.

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