Generate your Merkle proof

Once you have your whitelist, it needs to be converted to a Merkle Proof for the Airdrop.

Good to know: Merkle proofs allow us to store data offchain and only the hash of the list goes onchain. This is how we are able to do large scale airdrops with thousands of users and how we can easily update the entire list with one transaction.

Using the Merkle Bot

We have created a Discord bot to generate the merkle proof from your CSV Whitelist. On discord, start a DM with the JellyMerkleBot#2635.

You'll need to enter the command $generate and attach the .csv file, in the same message. It should look like this before you send.

Merkle Bot outputs

The Merkle Bot should respond like so:

The Merkle bot will output the following key bits of information that will be needed in the Airdrop creation. tokenAmount: e.g. 370800000000000000000000000 merkleRoot: e.g. 0x1f18652a227bb857d38c43ba1916547ca3cdc3265ce132687bfd1d9940dfdefb merkleURI: e.g.

Having issues?

You can find the bot in our Jelly Discord:

If you are having issues creating a Direct message with the bot and get a message saying "Your message could not be delivered..", you'll need to Allow direct messages in the Jelly Discord privacy settings.

If you are having any issues with your file, check:

  • the CSV is in the correct account,amount format

  • that the amounts are in 18 decimal format, e.g. 1000000000000000000000 and not like this 1e+21 (some versions of Excel incorrectly auto-format to scientific notation)

  • that the amounts are in wei, like this 1000000000000000000000 not 1000

  • that you have the correct number of addresses in the proof

If you need further support, reach out in the Jelly Discord.

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