Create your JellyDrop contract

To create your own Airdrop contract, we'll interact some contracts using write mode on Etherscan. First, goto the following link on Etherscan which is for the JellyDropRecipe:

Prepare JellyDrop

Connect your wallet using the "Connect to Web3" button

Goto the 1. prepareJellyDrop write function and enter the details for your Airdrop:

  • an address to be the admin of the Airdrop (you can use your own address)

  • the token contract for the Airdrop rewards (e.g. 0x19fBABA37A80d0a6fc4Cc542d78bFcA3Fe2Df7F0 for the WOBBL token)

  • the MerkleRoot (from the Merkle Bot)

  • a link to the Merkle Proof (i.e. the Merkle URI from the Merkle Bot)

Then click "write" to initiate the transaction, like so.

Once that transaction is complete, click through to see the transaction details.

Then find your Airdrop Contract by going to the Logs tab, scroll to the bottom where you see JellyDropDeployed, and copy the address labelled "airdrop" here in the events

You should have now created your Airdrop contract, by default it's set in the "Upcoming" state, not yet claimable and still needs token rewards. In the next step, we'll be adding rewards.

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